Angie's new moon-book five

The fear of being experimented on kept Angie from living her life. She wants a mate, something more, but she can't find it hiding in her mother's shadows. She throws caution to the wind on her birthday and heads out to see Aiden, the twin brother she's been kept away from. A march storm rolls through grounding her plane and she imprints with Hector, a badass werewolf player. She gets a glimpse of a possible normal future. When someone from her past kidnaps her, she now must face the scientist she’s always dreaded. One problem after another threatens to break them apart.

Hector doesn’t do long term relationships. Love doesn't like him and he doesn't deserve it. His long list of conquests only proves his quick cycle of women. When he imprints with Angie, he’s forced to evaluate feelings he isn’t used to. While he wants Angie’s love, his inner demons remind him people always leave him. When Angie is kidnapped, so many emotions run through him and the fear of losing her, scares him more than he thought possible.

***This book does standalone, but they're better when read in order.***

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