Blood Games-Avery

book one

Avery Branigan craves one thing more than blood…a strong mate to protect his secrets. He’s lived a quiet life, going between Montana and California every few decades, but this round in Los Angeles, everything is changing. Between finding his mate in a human named Malia, and the King Vampire of LA dying, some of the council wants him to lead. But doing so will put his very human female in danger. Avery’s choice will change his life and Malia’s as well.

Excitement and adventure are the two things Malia Alonso desires most from her boring life. Going to work and running home to hang with her vampire best friend isn’t all that glamorous. When she finds the very sexy vampire, Avery, in the night club, he demands a date. Hesitation keeps her cautious, but she gives in for one date, which turns into two hot nights. When Avery finds himself on the short list to be the next King Vampire of LA, her life gets a facelift for sure. Malia is emerged into a vampire world where blood and secrets are everything. Choices are the key to life.

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