hunter's moon-book seven

After spending most of her life in chains, Luna Lyco is ready to reconnect with the parents who gave her away. In her search she imprints with a sexy wolf, Hunter- a man raised to hate witches. Her whole life she’s been abandoned one way or another and she doesn’t want it to happen with the guy who should be in love with her.

Getting in the middle of a witch-wolf feud was never in her plans but claws are about to hit flesh. Actions speak louder than words but sometimes the right words can make all the difference.

Hunter Jones had always planned on completing the imprint bond with his mate as soon as he found her, and he did just that. There’s just a small hiccup to his happy wolf story, she’s a witch and he didn’t catch the scent on her when they mated.

Now he’s connected to someone his family will hate without even meeting her and he’s freaking out. His loyalty will be put to the test. Choosing between family and a mate isn’t easy.

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