jina-book eight

A mated witch and wolf separated by tragedy... Jina Lyco would give anything to reclaim what she lost thirty years ago. When her young daughter died in a terrible accident, it destroyed her bond. Leadership of the local coven has taken over her life, but nothing fills the void in her heart. She misses Dominic but strives to accept what she can't change.


Dominic Wolle is the second in command of the Columbus Ohio Pack. Despite all he's accomplished—everything he's achieved—his heart is incomplete. A wolf without his fated mate is no wolf at all. He aches to reclaim Jina, but the years that divide them seem an insurmountable barrier.

Jina and Dominic have a second chance to be together when an adult woman appears claiming to be their long-lost child. They must overcome fear and pride to reclaim their happily ever after.

***The romance does standalone, but this book is better when read after Hunter's Moon ***

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