Magnis - book one

Magnis’s dragon is about to take over control and without a mate, there’s not a damn thing he can do to stop it. Finding Amanda should’ve been easy: mate and complete the bond then enjoy life by having lots of sex. But she’s struggling with being his mate. He’s the freaking alpha and going on a dragon rampage isn’t something he’s looking forward to if he can’t convince Amanda to mate with him.

He’ll do anything to calm down his beast.

Amanda just had to be attracted to an alpha dragon but she can’t just throw herself at him. She’s still grieving for her boyfriend of two years, who died a few months ago. And when she found the ring from her dead boyfriend she knew she missed out on a whole life with him. But staring into Magnis’s blue eyes, all the pain vanishes. Amanda wants him badly! She should be listening to her head instead of her heart. Yet every fiber of her being wants to connect with Magnis.

She’ll fight for what’s right in her heart.

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