The Alpha's Christmas Gift



For years Kelly has been beaten by her stepfather, the alpha, who takes pleasure in breaking Kelly. The alpha of Casper goes one step farther by sending Kelly and her sister on a dangerous patrol of their border. Kelly catches a glimpse of her future when she imprints with Brad, the extremely sexy Laramie alpha. If Kelly runs away with her sister she puts her half-brother’s life at risk. The strong pull to Brad erases all common sense as she crosses over the border into Laramie’s territory. Moments with Brad are precious as Kelly once again fears not just for her life, but the lives of her new family.




Revenge is Brad’s moto. Every fiber of Brad’s being wants the Casper alpha dead for killing his father. In an attempt to find his weakness on the border, he finds the attractive Kelly. She sparks deep feelings in Brad, he didn’t expect. Imprinting with the alpha’s daughter could spell certain disaster for both of them. Revenge is still on Brad’s mind but he fears Kelly won’t forgive him if he follows through. He never expected to hear about her relationship with her stepdad.


A fight on Christmas Eve isn’t very festive, all Brad wants for Christmas is to keep Kelly alive. Will he succeed or fail and live forever alone without a mate or pups to follow?

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