Two Alphas

Heat, desire, and a sick alpha threatening to destroy peace is consuming everyone’s minds.

Ebony doesn’t fear death; no, she only fears leaving her little girl behind in a cruel world. One night on a beach, she finds herself facing off with a man who wants too much but she’s saved by two alphas, Luca and Dante. Now she’s imprinted with both of them. She must decide if she can trust the two alphas with her daughter or not.

Luca’s been sharing the alpha duties with his friend Dante, whose pack neighbors his own, making them the two alphas to a large territory. They’ve been having issues with their other neighbor to the north, Marco who keeps testing the boarders which only pisses Dante and Luca off. For the longest time they feared they’d have to split their alliance once they imprinted.

The worry vanishes when they both imprint with Ebony. But their happy bubble won’t last since she’s keeping things from them, and it worries Luca. Dante is ready protect his new mate and her daughter no matter what. Yet sometimes his protection can’t be everywhere at once.

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