Zane-book three

Natalie has been kidnapped, being held in a tiny trailer in the Tundra. When she escapes her ex’s clutches, she runs right into the sexy as sin dragon shifter. Having her own life in danger is one thing but she doesn’t want that for anyone else.

The way he risked so much to keep her safe sends hope through her soul. Part of her wants to run back home but his charm captures her interest of a possible future in the Tundra. She doesn’t want to cause problems for Zane but she’s falling for the man with scales underneath. When she lets her guard down, ready to just be with the dragon, Tank kidnaps her once more. Natalie fears she’ll never see Zane again.

When Natalie asks Zane for help he doesn’t hesitate to be her rescuer while his dragon doesn’t waver to fall claws over tail in love with her.

With his inner demons constantly telling him he’s not good enough, he’s fighting to stay in control. He wants her to be his mate but he doesn’t know if he can truly make her happy. Zane pushes his demons back on her birthday and takes her to see something special. His plans are derailed when her ex and two other polar bears jump him and take Natalie. He’ll fight till his last dragon’s breath to get her back.

This book does standalone, but they're better when read in order.

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